I just plane hate airplanes 😜

Hey guys it’s been a long time but I just came to check in! I’ve missed you all, feel free to tell me how you’re doing in the comments 😃

Now let’s get on with the post ➡️

So rn I’m on a plane to china, yesterday our flight was delayed like 8 hrs because of a mechanical issue so we had to go back home and reschedule all of our stuff, it sucked but yeah we’re on a different plane today, which almost got cancelled too because of someone’s medical problem but it’s fine now. this one is a direct flight instead of having 2 flights, so yay 😀

I recently watched Wonder Woman and doctor strange and gotg2 like YES PLS

*when you have a 14-hr flight so you listen to the whole Hamilton soundtrack twice* I literally almost cried in front of everyone on the plane

Btw this post is going up after the flight since we have no wifi or data obviously lol 

I hate airplanes I can barely stand like a 3-hr trip but we were in that stupid plane for MORE THAN 14 HRS AND LIKE I HAD NO WIFI RIP

But I feel so sick, my allergies are really bad and are making me feel so miserable rip

Anyways I hope to update about china later, since we’ll be visiting a bunch of cool places like the Great Wall of china 😁

Love y’all!

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

P.S. some of the people on this plane are soooooo rude!!


Fantasies will be the death of me

Books. Movies. Anime. Comics. 

All of these above listed things have just about murdered me. Yet somehow, they’re probably the only thing that keeps me still hanging. 

I’m not even kidding, I live for these things and they’ve practically stripped me of the rest of my life. 

So right now the book I’m reading is Glass Sword, which is the second book of Red Queen, the first being Red Queen (obviously lol).

It’s about fantasy and kind of romance, which is perfect because that’s pretty much the only thing I read. I love it so f*ckin much that I just wanna cry 😭 

A series I recommend is THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS! 😍 it’s fantasy and romance too 🙄 and lemme just tell you, the plot twists are incredible you’re just like oh lah-de-da everything is fine I’m so happy reading this PLOT TWIST 

I series I need to reread again (besides the mortal instruments) is GODD*MNED HARRY POTTER

Btw I’m a hufflepuff 😜

Comics! You might think, Oh, comics are for babies, no one cares about them. But noooo! There’s FREAKIN WEBTOONS FOR GODS SAKE

Sorry I don’t mean to take gods name in vain 

Ahem. Webtoons is a site for people who want to publish their own comics. The people there are so amazing (btw the romance and funny ones are the best, my sister likes the scary ones but they suck)

I recommend Siren’s Lament and if you liked that, Where Tangents Meet which is by the same author. Actually read Where Tangents Meet first (you’ll see why.) I also recommend snailogy which is funny and has a lot of sexy stuff, and Dear Cold-Blooded King! The author responds to your comments (actually I think snailords does too). I’ve made fan art for her before she’s so cool and her drawings and story are the best 😍

Anime, oh sigh. If you’re new to anime I recommend Haikyuu! There aren’t that many episodes in one season (compared to like one piece and naruto) and it’s not fantasy so it’s not that weird… it’s about guys volleyball and the GUYS ARE SO CUTE

An anime I need to see is Yuri on Ice! I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE and I totally ship victor and the other guy even tho I’ve never seen it before

Btw I love yaoi which is kind of weird it’s like where two guys have the hots for each other and there’s some sexy action 😜😜😜😜 but I’m not even kidding it’s so f*ckin cute even if it’s weird I don’t care

And fun fact about me: I’m bi 😋

Love y’all!

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

P.S. go see my most recent post about SHIPS (a collab with Aspen aka the author) and comment what you think 😁


Blogger #1: Hey, y’know that Inf girl? Yeah, that infinitmagic girl? She’s such a horrible person, she totally left for like 5 billion years and never said anything and she keeps telling everybody she loves them but she’s like totally lying. You know her, right?

Blogger #2: Who?

Blogger #3: Who?

Blogger #practically everyone else: Who now?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m practically dead to you guys but Aspen told me she still loves me so that’s all I need.

And I’m back with good news – an Infspen collab!

//crowd goes wild

Sorry. Ahem. I know you hate me but you at least love Aspen so go see her.

But we’re doing a SHIP COLLAB!

So since everyone knows that Infspen is the best ship it won’t be included because that won’t be fair, but just so you know Infspen is the best ship. If you didn’t know a ship is NOT a big giant boat that has a bunch of sails and ropes and dirty old sick men, it is a HOLY PAIRING of two (and possibly more if you like to get strange like me) people. Usually it has to do with fandoms and fans that want those 2 people to be together romantically. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE. At least, not that I’m interested. Infspen is a ship of magic, not romance. If you know what I mean ;D

Now that I’ve started ranting I might just continue for a bit. A while ago I posted my wtf 300 followers thingamigger which you can find here if you’re bored and don’t know what to do with your life. Apparently I now have 330+ followers. How. People stop following me I’m not as good of a person as I may seem. You will be disappointed. Although you will get lots of food and magic I am not worth it. YOU HEAR ME IM NOT WORTH IT

im hungry


I warned you Aspen about my rants. I warned you.

So here’s the basic shebang: We’re gonna ask YOU (yes you) to give us ships of bloggers on the blogosphere. I probably won’t know most of them since you have probably moved on from what the blogosphere was liked when I was here and are interested in new people that I am not aware of now. Then we’ll take the ships and have you VOTE and we’ll see who the best ship is ;D

Well second best since Infspen is the best but anyways ahem

You should probably read Aspen’s post since it will probably be less confusing. It was her idea btw, I’m not some kind of genius contrary to what no one you may think

A LETTER FOR ASPEN (confirmation of Infspen ship)

Dear Aspen,

I love you so much. Thank you for reaching out to me and still loving me even though I am an honest f*cking a*shole. Hey, I’m a shole! Okay moving on.

Oh  my god I just had deja vu

//trying to stay on topic here

//deletes letter

Much thanks to Aspen, this collab has made me really want to get back to blogging. Even though we haven’t done the collab yet. But I want to go back to blogging actually (hip hip hooray) and tho I can’t promise you anything I WILL TRY FOR THE GOD D*MNED LIFE OF ME

I love you pls love me T-T

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

ah i love and have missed those words

im still hungry

ok bai

(still hungry)

Sucky titles has returned once again

Hello, my magical little minions! It’s been a while, but here is my effort of the day. I’m actually really excited to tell you everything, even though it probably doesn’t matter to you since I’ve been gone for so long.

First of all, I reached 300 followers a few weeks ago, or maybe it was 2 months ago, I’m just that bad at keeping track of time. But now, I have 316 followers, which is completely crazy. First of all, I’m completely inactive, and second of all, I am a butt because I am completely inactive. Wait, this paragraph has two “first of alls.” Oops. Whatever.

Anyways, the first – wait, I already did first. The second thing I want to talk about is related to science. My teacher was explaining a device to the class – a photogate, used to measure speed in some miraculous way – and she talked about the wire and the A button and how in the lab we were about to do we would only be using the A button, so don’t worry about the B and the C buttons and bla bla bla. Then she said, “So you’re just going to be putting this red wire in the A-hole.    …..” And the class cracked up. It was hilarious.

Third is, I think I mentioned that I made the school volleyball team some time over yonder. Is that a thing? I know somewhere over yonder is, but I’m not sure about time. ANYWAYS (I get off track so easily) we finished the season undefeated (out of 14 games) so, like, we’re amazing, yeah. I have tryouts tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday, for 3 different outside-of-school teams (and for those of you who couldn’t delve this from common sense, I’m only going to pick 1 team if I make it into more than one)

Next! Today the vocal ensemble and men’s ensemble went to sing for some veterans. We sang the Star-Spangled Banner (which we’ve actually learned quite a bit about in social studies so far this year), a Tribute to something about the U.S. military, and another song called We Honor You. Yes, I’m supposed to italicize the song titles, but really? ANyways, it was an incredible experience. You could see a lot of the seniors singing along (at least with the first two songs) and it just lifted my heart. Even though my heart wasn’t particularly down. Which, by the way, I feel like a lot of people I know online have been down recently. I really want to help them but I just don’t know what to do and it BREAKS MY HEART WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE I JUST SAID MY HEART HASNT BEEN PARTICULARLY DOWN

Anyways after we sang we made an arc d the tables while some different people spoke. My back was getting really sore, and then I heard a THUMP! At first I thought it was a senior and I freaked out (wouldn’t it be funny if the past tense of freaked was frook) until someone said “It’s a student!” I didn’t really see what happened since I was across the room but some of my friends that were nearby told me the guy’s knees had buckled and he fainted. Apparently his glasses broke and made a gash on his head and the ambulance came (quietly, no sirens since it wasn’t a life-or-death emergency) to take him to get stitches. Also, another girl got really sick and apparently she turned green, she did happen to pass by me but she hadn’t seemed that green to be, she just looked like she was wearing a lot of flawless foundation even on her lips, but my friends told me that she was really green so I DUNNO.

I’m really having trouble spelling really today. I fixed them all, but I messed it up countless times, and I’ve included it several times in this post, so…

You guys are probably bored to death, or just gave up entirely on this, so… thanks for at least liking.

Oh, one more thing! Please DO NOT comment “Can you please check out/follow my blog?” Especially if you haven’t checked out/followed my blog. I find it very inconvenient and a bit selfish, no offense. If you have followed my blog, liked and commented on my post, it is very likely that I will check out your blog, so there’s no need to be all “I love your posts, please check out my blog” even when you haven’t read a single post of mine.

Thanks! Love ya!

Wishing you the infinite magic, {*~infinitmagic~*}

Edit: Eek! I accidentally marked a comment as spam! How do I undo it, I’m a noob! I freaked out and the undo button went away IM SORRY IM A FAILURE

Holy pineapples. 

Story time!

Me: *wakes up*

Me: *gets phone from under pillow*

Me: *checks notifications*

WordPress: Evelina and 301 others followed your on Expensive Rainbows.




Me: wut

So as you all know, I’ve been charged with the crime of inactivity. Yes.

But somehow, that still happened.

Don’t ask me how.

But seriously? I have more than 300 followers and I haven’t been officially active for 5 months.

Someone did mention in the comments that I was actually pretty active since I answered comments rather quickly. What I meant by “inactive” was that I haven’t been posting. I do happen to have the app on my phone so I do get notifications whenever someone likes or comments (or follows ;D).

I lyk yummy foodz.

So thank you thank you thank you everyone, even though no one wants to read my posts anymore since I’m officially “uncool” now that I don’t post much anymore

I still love you ;-;

Do you still love me ;-;

How come I’ve been ending all my posts like that? srsly tho

No srsly i love you all, and I’ll do something really special I just don’t know what yet

thankyouthankyouthankyou, i love you all so much

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

I give you permission to kill me

Um. Hi.

It’s been a long time.

I feel super guilty about not posting… I can’t even tell you. So you don’t have to forgive me, but I was hoping you might still have something in you that would want to read my post.

It’s going to be really long, so if you don’t want to read it, that’s okay, just skip to the end because I have a question for you.

I’m going to pretend that this whole introduction doesn’t exist. I’m going to pretend this is just any normal post. Okay? Here goes.

Hello again, my magical little minions! It’s been quite some time. Sorry for not posting, do you still love me? ‘Cuz I’ll always love you ;D



Anyways, everything’s been super busy. 7th grade brings even more homework… and even more death… if you know what I mean.

It wouldn’t be that bad if it was just homework, but that’s not it. The first week of school was volleyball tryouts.

Um. I… might have made the team?

I can tell it was pretty tough for the coaches to make the cuts. They had to turn 25 people into 12… and that was only for the 7th grade.

But yeah, I made it.

We had four games in a row last week, and we made it through undefeated. Yeah, we’re amazing, I know.

Everything’s going to get super busy. I’m already failing in academics… I have, like, an 87 average in math. That means death, according to my lovely lovely mother.

This isn’t as long as I thought it would be. I had a bunch of stuff to rant about, but I guess not… well, I’ll do a lightning round rant. Hey, that should be a thing!

3… 2… 1… Go!

We have a new orchestra teacher and she’ll be here just for the middle school so she won’t have to go back and forth between the middle school and the high school which gives her more time for the middle school so she started this chamber group thing and there are like four different chamber groups I think and I’m in the Schubert quartet and we’ve already had 2 rehearsals and I like food.

Okay. Whew!

Alright. Now, for those of you who skipped ahead because you didn’t want to read the whole post, you can just answer my question and I’ll never know you didn’t read the whole post.

Here’s the question: Marvel or DC?

Yeahhh! Btw, answer is Marvel.

So, just as an end note (I almost said end not), I will be completely inactive because life is stupid (just kidding life I love you), but I’ll miss you guys so if you want to stay in touch with me my insta is @infinitmagic.love I’m way more active on there, or email me at infinitmagic.love@gmail.com

Also, if you’re going to visit my ig let me know who you are so I’ll follow you back ;D


Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}